Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We're both feeling good.  This is new.  Usually on transfer day, somebody is in mild to moderate anxiety land.  The first time, we were both there.  That wasn't particularly pretty.

My wife has taken the whole day off from work and I submitted my final grades late last night.  This is allowing us to make today all about us and the transfer.  I've spent the morning decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music while my wife went for a long run.  The RE called this AM to push the transfer back to 2:30, so we're going to do a little Christmas shopping and go out for lunch.  All of this ease and calmness and lack of rush has me feeling good.  Could this be a sign?


It sounds like a perfect day. Fingers crossed that this is the one (or two)!

Sounds like a great way to spend transfer day, I didn't comment on the last couple posts in time but I think the 2x transfer is a good plan - here's hoping this is IT!

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