Friday, December 25, 2009

We Got a 157 for Christmas!!!!!

The mood is wildly festive around here.  The world is icy and cold and gross, but everything feels warm and perfect at our house.  Neither of us could sleep, so we gave up around 6am.  The icy rain that is forecasted for the day hadn't showed up yet, so my wife got into all of her gear and hit the road for a run.  I settled into the couch with the dog and holiday coffee and finished a book.  The point of all of that is to say that we both did our very favorite morning things and I was hoping this was a good omen.

Our blood draw was scheduled for 1o at the hospital and (bc it was Christmas) we got the perfect parking space.  I decided that too was a good omen.  The draw itself was quick and easy and the nurse was super friendly.  As we were leaving he asked us if we have kids and my wife said that hopefully we would next year.  I added that to my good omen list.  On the way home we dropped cookies off at the homes of a few friends and marveled about the lack of cars on the roads.

Since the blood draw was at the hospital and my wife works at the hospital, we knew that we wouldn't have to wait for the call.  It's not exactly good form, but as soon as the numbers posted to the system we would have access to them.  And as soon as we got home, we did.  There was her name and the numbers 157 right beside it.  Merry Christmas for sure.


Merry Christmas! Terrific news!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful news and merry christmas!

Such great news! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Congratulations!

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