Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Settling In

It's actually settling in.  This Thursday marks the beginning of the 10th week and we're still pregnant.  Next week we will have our first OB appointment.  We'll meet the nurse practitioner and learn about the practice.  On our next visit, we'll meet with one of the doctors.  What I'm really looking forward to is the ultrasound.  I can't WAIT to see Bean again.

My wife has been feeling pretty yucky.  At first she was feeling the worst (nausea, headache, low energy) in the late afternoon and into the evening, but now the mornings aren't even all that great.  She's handling it all well, but I feel bad for her.  By the time she gets home from work at the end of the day, she's pretty much out of energy.  It's changed the rhythm of our evenings quite a bit.  No more going out to dinner or staying up together much past 9.  Pregnancy definitely changes things.


Our evenings underwent a total shift, too. While we're back to something near normal, we never really recovered from the "fall asleep while eating" phase. Isn't it wonderful that a baby changes everything?

Happy 10 weeks! And yes, pregnancy changes everything. I remember those days well. I'd come home from work to find my wife napping on the sofa, and she'd be off to bed by 9pm. It'll get better though. The first trimester is so hard.

i, for one, think it just sucks that you are sick all during pregnancy and then it hurts like hell to get it over. seriously! wtf. can we not catch a break in this here process somewhere?!

The second trimester is easier, I promise!!!

And, yes, your life *does* change -- duh -- you're having a BABY!!!!

Oh, and there is a care package that will be leaving an undisclosed location some time in the next 5 days... *someone* I know is super-excited that y'all are pregnant!

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