Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy Clothes

Yesterday the three of us went on a mission to find some Yogi clothes.  Not.easy.  Here's the back story.....

I thought we were having a girl.  For sure.  I probably thought this bc I have absolutely no experience with little boys and couldn't imagine having one of my own.  I was the oldest of lots of little girl cousins and somehow probably 90% of the kids that I babysat for in middle/high school/college were girls.  I just don't know anything about little boys.

And then Yogi arrived and I think that boys are the new black.  In fact, if we decide to jump into this whole TTC thing again I hope we have another boy.  I'm sold.  But...... the clothes.


No one would ever call me a fashionista.  In fact, I care about fashion and clothes really only to the extent that they are a part of gender presentation. This is a long-winded way of explaining that I have never had any interest in traditionally masculine/boy clothing.  I am fascinated by the butch aesthetic and female masculinity and I also love, love, love a more feminine look in men.  I also have some love for traditional femininity bc for whatever reason that is where I land.  In the midst of these divisions I have made, the only one that I'm not so into is traditional masculinity.  And now..... I have a boy.

He's not yet a month old and I know that this clothes thing is going to be a struggle.  So much of this stuff is just bad.  I mean why does a 1 month old really need to wear camo?  Or a Future Quarterback onesie?  I'm all for people expressing themselves in their own way, but that stuff is clearly not for me.  I mean if he grows up to celebrate the beauty of camouflage that is one thing,  but I'm not going to inflict it on him.  So, where does that leave me?

No, it's not an important issue but contemplating it in the breaks between Yogi fussiness has been a fun distraction.  I'm including some pictures of some of the cute stuff.

It's hard to create a good fashion spread with a 4 week old, but this is the best I could do.  I think this little onesie is adorable.

This is another that I love on him.  It's my favorite of the decidedly boy (not unisex) outfits.  Yogi looks lovely in gray and navy.


I think a lot of it is where you shop (but yes, the gender divide drives me bonkers and I hate stereotypical girl clothes as much as I hate stereotypical boy clothes). Beyond animal themes, Carters is pretty awful. H&M has great stuff, and some of the Circo stuff at Target is ok. You really have to filter through a lot of trucks, sports, and mommy's little monster, etc crap. Beware- it gets even worse the older your child gets. But we did find some really wonderful pieces for Miles' fall wardrobe :)

He is squishably cute!

Headed to a consignment sale this afternoon. I'll see what I can find by way of non-stereotypical-boy-but-not-gender-bending-clothing.

You sure do have some high standards, Momma! :o)

I feel you. I refuse to put my little boy in camo, trucks, etc. On the other hand I suppose some people would still consider my choices to be gender specific. We love to dress him in puppy dogs, dinosaurs, and geeky things like rocket ships and aliens. On the other hand, if I had a girl I would most likely choose the same outfits, so I feel justified.

I struggle with the boys stuff too. I hate all the sports!! Baby Gap sometimes does well

Don't get me started on "lil' champ" and truck themed garbage overload they carry at BRU. The pink princess/leopard print for girls is horrid as well. I can't figure out for the life of me why everything has to have sill applique and embroidery on it either. I second H&M and target. I also love the consignment stores that carry the European and better brands at a fraction of the price.

Good luck!

He's simply adorable!

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