Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's Been Awhile

and I'm not afraid to bribe you with pictures.  I have no shame.

I've been entirely consumed with this since I was here last:

Yup!  After years of wanting to do it, this year I finally did.  My novel (how crazy is it to say that?!) is called One Hundred Ways to Kneel and I've had a blast spending the last month with my characters.  Yogi has been an excellent writing buddy, but I'm eager to start writing about him again.  Well, I'll be eager when the soreness in my wrists finally subsides. ;)   NaNoWriMo was a real learning experience and I'm so glad to have had it, but I'm also glad to be getting back to regular life.

I'm leaving you with my favorite picture of the moment.  This is Yogi in a portion of his Halloween costume.  He was a bookworm.  The costume involved my wife wearing Yogi in the Bjorn with a book (Curious George in fact) opened across his body.  He wore particularly worm-like footy pjs and these rockin specs.


Aww he is adorable! Looking forward to hearing/seeing more!

Look at that sweet boy! Welcome back to blogland. And congrats on your novel!

love love LOVE the bookworm specs!! so adorable. =)

Why, hello! I love those photos...and congrats on the novel writing! Wow, wow. I can only dream of such productivity. :)

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