Monday, January 31, 2011

He Wants More, She's Got Less

Napping and milk production  have  been the primary topics of conversation at my house over the last few weeks.  We have been lucky/blessed/bullheaded enough that Yogi is currently a 100% breast milk fed baby.  Given that my wife is both the milk producer and the money producer (lucky her), she has been pumping since she went back to work in October.  This has meant that she feeds Yogi when she gets home from work, before bed and now once at night.  The remainder of his feedings are bottle feedings from the pumping that she does both at work (9AM, 12PM, 3PM) and at home (9PM, 6AM).  That is a lot of pumping.  Happily she  has been able to keep up with him easily and aside from the bummer nature of pumping, this has worked well.

All of that has changed in the last few weeks.  Yogi is eating more and my wife is seeing a decline in her production.  After a miserable week of particularly bad worry, frequent calls to the LC that works with Dr. Wonderful (our pediatrician) and late night sessions with Dr. Google, she decided to get an appointment with another LC who came recommended by a friend.  We went to this appt on Friday afternoon (we liked her) and left with a new theory.

The LC thinks that our pump has crapped out.  It's still functional, but she explained that the pump we have (Medela) is designed to pump 3-5 times a day, 5 days a week.  Our pump is seeing MUCH more action than that and has been for almost 4 months now.  So..... we went home with a rental hospital pump that we're going to try for 2 weeks before making any longer term decisions.

In addition to the new pump, the LC suggested Domperidone.  Anybody have experiences with this?  Please leave a comment if you do, we're feeling a little desperate over here.  I'm not loving the "not approved by the FDA" thing and I'm also not feeling good about the (admittedly one) article I found that has shown traceable levels in breast milk, but the bulk of the information we have found seems to make the drug seem safe.  Thoughts?


Domperidone is not approved in this country, bu it is approved in Canada, new Zealand, and many countries in Europe. I used it for six months to induce lactation so that both my wife and I could breastfeed, which was so awesome. My wife uses it currently to keep her milk supply up because she has also noticed a decrease in production. Our pediatrician thought it was fine and our 5 month old seems to also be doing fine. And we haven't noticed any side effects. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions or share the site where we buy it from.

I don't think about breast milk and you know why. I am here to make a comment on that AMAZING picture of Yogi. Just perfect, leggings and all. WOW. Hugs all around.

I know people that swear by Domperidone. I say go for it. Also keep in mind that formula is not the devil :)

Love that boy and his wiggly foot.

Just started taking domperidone to try to keepip with my twins. It seems to be helping a bit and it's only been a few days. My LC offered it or reglan but given the side effects of reglan (weight gain, depression, etc) I went with domperidone. Only reason not FDA approved was one study where ridiculous high IV doses were given. It might be worth a shot...

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