Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Six Months Old!

The collared onesie is both ridiculous and (in spite of my considerable resistance) absolutely adorable.  This outfit is a hand-me-down that I didn't have in heavy rotation, but on Sunday morning I got out of the shower to find this little Yogi on my bed.  I guess my wife saw potential where I hadn't.  Seriously cute.

In addition to being seriously cute, Yogi (as of today) is 6 months old.  He has no teeth and no hair and has yet to venture into the land of solid foods, but he is growing up.  Tomorrow afternoon he will be taking his first plane ride.  We are eager to get back and show him off to friends and co-workers in our old stomping grounds.  Yogi was born in our new city, but the idea of him was certainly born in what I'm thinking of as our "couple hometown".  I can't wait for the little guy to see it!


Your son is absolutely gorgeous!

Have fun this weekend. We'll be missing you at the scrap cabin!

How cute is he. I would probably resist the collared onesie, too. And be proven wrong, too.

Happy 6 months! I love how his whole face lights up (especially his pretty eyes)!

Collared onesie! Total win. I hope that you three enjoy your trip.

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