Monday, July 18, 2011

Abby Wambach - Isn't She Lovely?!!

I'm hoping, for your own sake, that you have been following the US Women's World Cup team.  These women are unbelievably talented and gracious and excellent examples of teamwork and powerful role models for girls and it is for those reasons that watching them in action fills me with pride.  They are first and foremost excellent athletes.  However, it should not be ignored that many, many of them (hello Hope Solo, Megan Rapinoe and Amy Lepielbet I'm talking to you) also happen to be incredibly hot.

And then there is Abby Wambach.  She is much, much more than hot.  She is collage-worthy.  The static image does her no justice as it is primarily the way that she moves that is such a beautiful thing to behold.  So, this post has nothing to do with my baby or my wife (sorry honey).  But it's July and hot as hell and I am done.with summer and I am exhausted by Yogi's insistence on changing it all up every day and I am burned out on TTC#2 conversations and I am choosing to channel my energy into finding the perfect shot of my new pretend girlfriend.  Thanks Abby Wambach, you've been just what I needed.  :)


I agree. She's my pretend girlfriend, too! :P

Hilarious. I have to admit I didn't even know who she was until 2 days ago, nor did I watch any of the
matches (I know, bad lesbian, but I hate all sports) but this post made me smile.

Love u and your obsession with hot soccer players!! Call if u need to decompress.

Umm... she's my pretend girlfriend, not yours. ;)

You guys can have her. I've got dibs on Rampinoe and Hope Solo for my pretend girlfriends (yes! Both of them! Cause I'm a greedy SOB...). ;-)

Have you been following any of the coverage on Dorothy Surrenders?

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