Friday, July 1, 2011

The Happy Eater

First, thanks for all of the great book suggestions!  I loved getting the comments and have quite a nice -read list as a result.  Comments are fun. :)

Finally we have a happy eater.  It seems it really is all about timing, timing and peas.  One day we arranged him in his chair prepared for bored skepticism and were surprised by enthusiasm.  He was ready.  Peas were the gateway food and he continues to beam whenever he sees them in his bowl.  His current favorites (when he can't get peas) include black beans and cheese, banana, black beans and avocado, pretzels (what can you do? my wife love them), baked apple mush with cinnamon, and cheese.

I'm making him the Super Porridge each morning (recipe here) from Ruth Yaron's Super Baby Food.  Although making porridge makes me feel a bit like I'm running an orphanage, I LOVE it.  I make mine with brown rice and dry lentils and according to Ruth, this is a complete protein which makes me wildly excited.  Getting my boy off to a good start for the day.  Go me!  Yogi isn't wild about the porridge, but he eats it each morning without a fuss and when I add bananas and cinnamon he clearly appreciates it.  If you're into the make-your-own baby food thing, I recommend this book for the tremendous amount of information it covers.  If you can't get it from a friend (thanks T!), it's easy to find used.  It's a great resource although reading it makes me pretty sure I would never want to actually meet Ruth Yaron.  Anyone that detail-oriented frightens me ;).  I can imagine that she might set off all of my perfectionistic anxiety alarms.

The next step is reducing his milk or dropping a bottle.  He gets four bottles a day now and since he's started eating solids we have just moved him from 6.5 oz pre-solid bottle to 4.5-5 oz each time.  This is working so far, but I'm wondering if we need to cut the milk even more.  Also on the horizon is milk in a sippy cup.  Although we've bought three different ones in the hope that the next one would click for him, he still thinks the sippy cup is a rattle.  He loves each one, but thinks it's silly to try to drink out of it.  Anyone have any sippy cup tips or thoughts on the amount of milk he's getting?


The sippy didn't work for us. We used straw cups instead with no problems- the kid took to the straw very easily, and if you want to see how yogi would do, you can try it with a regular straw first before purchasing any.

Glad he's a happy eater now! Reducing/weaning off bottles really depends on how much food he's getting. By 11 months, we were down to a morning bottle and a before bed bottle only, and by 13 months he was on all solids. Just see how he does over time and take it from there- you're doing great!

ITA w/Strawberry. B loved straws before sippy cups. They other thing we did was to purchase the sippy cups that felt and looked more like bottle nipples than the kind she uses now. It took her a while.

As for the milk issue... you can add it to whatever he's eating to get some in there (although, I think Yogi is as much a milkaholic as B is!). Dr. Wonderful should have some suggestions for how to do this... and when to begin introducing cows milk/soy milk/whatever you choose to give him. Although, if you're giving him cheese, I guess cows milk shouldn't be that big of a concern.

OH! And I just thought... you both always use those squeezy bike bottles... what if you gave him one of those to introduce the idea of something other than a milk bottle. Hmmmm.... It could get messy, though. Just a thought.

So glad that Mr. Milk Man has decided to eat some food. Have you tried baby yogurt? Hooray for progress!!!

Oh, and about the author... yeah, you hit the nail on the head!

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