Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monkey Update

In the center of a ridiculously busy day yesterday we had our 1st OB appointment AND Monkey had a photo shoot.  Our new OB doesn't have a scanner so all of that required two separate appointments and I missed the OB appt because I had to pick Yogi up from school.  A little sad to miss the "We Graduated!" doctor appointment, but another reminder of how different things are this time around.  But.... I was there for the most important part - the scan!

Monkey was on fire in there.  Truly!  She was moving around like a very tiny dancer.  We are guessing that's bc my wife had gone for a run just beforehand and all the motion had gotten the baby excited.  It was really fun to watch him rock and roll.  

It was 10 minutes of pure joy in a day that otherwise held only the frustrating aspects of home ownership.
  •  Selecting and forking over the money for a new dishwasher.  Ours crashed in a puddle of grrrrrr!!!! hours before hosting a lesbian pot luck last weekend.  How cool is that we had a lesbian pot luck at our house?!  That we live in an area where there are no less than five other female couples live close enough to walk to our house for dinner on a Saturday night?  Makes the dishwasher tantrum seem pretty unimportant.
  • Meeting a plumber whose WILD estimate of repair costs fueled the decision to buy said dishwasher.
  • Meeting my wife across town after work to sign our names no less than forty times in the service of refinancing our house while Yogi works feverishly to get a banana out of my purse.
So the day was a long one, but we got to see Monkey on the big screen and spend the evening together.  Not so bad after all.


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