Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Favorites at 16 Months


Yogi spends much of his day running at top speed with his pointer finger leading the way.  When something (anything) catches his eye, he absolutely must charge towards it.  During the rare moments when we’re carrying him, he points and points and chatters away about whatever it is he’s pointing at.


We’ve got words these days, but they are primarily of the “best understood by the parents” variety.  His clearest words are “Mama”, “Banana”, “Ball”, “Bubble“, “Turtle” (oddly) and “Car”.  In the last few days he’s started saying “Mommy” as well.  He also says “Choo, Choo” whenever he’s playing with his trains or pushing the laundry basket around. 

Shouting “Car! Car!”

The boy loves a car.  Whenever he sees one (in a parking lot, driving by the window while he’s eating breakfast, at the carwash AKA Mecca) he shouts “Car! Car!” at the top of his voice, while squealing and (of course) pointing. 

Helping with the Groceries

When I carry the groceries in from the car I now pick something smallish out of the bag and let Yogi carry it in.  He LOVES this.  After doing it a few times, he now stands by the trunk and waits expectantly for his part of the load.  It takes him awhile to make his way to the kitchen, but he looks so proud of himself when he gets there.  I’ve also started setting the bags on the floor and letting him help me unpack them. 

Letting Me Know that He Knows

In the middle of doing something routine (feeding the dog, sweeping the floor) Yogi uses his pointing skills (again with the pointing I know, but this is a big thing at the moment) to show me what comes next.  Walking back from the sink with Baker’s water bowl, I am sure to find Yogi pointing enthusiastically to the spot on the floor where the bowl goes.

Goodnight Mama! Hugs

My very most favorite thing is a new addition to the bedtime routine.  When my wife asks Yogi if he’s ready for stories, he gets excited and rushes into his bedroom with her to get lovey.  As soon as he’s got lovey he comes running out and I kneel on the floor and say “Hugs for Mama!” and he barrels towards me to deliver the sweetest, snuggliest hug.


I'm really enjoying about these simple little bits of life with your little guy, as they're a glimpse of what REALLY happens and gives me an idea of what to look forward to. :)

Also, I noticed the cute hat on Yogi! Two of my best friends have a knitting business and make the cutest hats, if you're ever in the market for more. or Hitched and Stitched on Facebook.

Thanks Kara!

I'll have to check out the knitting shop. ;)

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