Friday, March 30, 2012

Heads or Tails?

Yesterday brought fabulously surprising news from the OB. What we had thought was a head (in the very same position that Yogi's head spent his entire gestation) turned out to be a tail! Finally we have a baby who knows the deal.

After the recent kerfuffle around VBAC vs. c-section we were totally frustrated to feel a big (what we thought) head up in her ribcage. After all of this research and reading and conversation I was just sure we would somehow be the outlier people who had two breech babies.

But.... the OB felt around on her belly yesterday and said she wasn't so sure. After rolling in the ultrasound machine, she took a look and that brilliant baby was head down!

Go Monkey Go!

Or actually.... stay right where you are. No moving allowed.


Whoo hoo! All systems go! ;)

good job monkey! hurray for heads-down babies!

Good boy! Hopefully this current cooperation is a good sign of things to come in the newborn stage. ;)

I like how you think Lezbemoms!

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