Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Today is the Day

That my wife went into labor with Yogi. Today we are 37 weeks and 2 days. Last time around I woke up to a concerned wife who was sure that she was feeling different, but wasn't so sure what that meant. By the time I was closing in on my second cup of coffee it was becoming clear that a Yogi was in our not-at-all-distant future. 

This morning has been uneventful. Yogi helped cut his banana for cereal (when did my baby start eating cereal? - the kind that regular people eat!) and my wife appeared to be her very, very pregnant self. So far, Monkey isn't making any noises but you can never be too sure.

Our next OB appointment is Thursday afternoon and Grandpa and Muzzie should be here in a matter of days. Life continues. Not even my obsessive Monkey fever has the power to change anything beyond my own weird anxiety symptoms. All I can hope is that this baby comes before my system collapses from my inability to eat anything that isn't baked in an oven and featuring sugar as a primary ingredient.

Pray for me.
I kid.
But also, I'm serious.

This picture was taken at the batting cages in our neighborhood park. Throughout the week there are kids practicing and playing games and Yogi is fascinated by all of it. He starts chanting "Base. Ball. Base. Ball" when the fields first come into view. I broke out the camera phone for this shot when I looked at my watch and realized that he had been entranced for almost 10 minutes. The boy enjoys some baseball!


You should try the skate park or a construction site next time!! full MINUTES of entertainment. These last few days and weeks really are nerve wracking. Here's hoping Monkey decides that this weekend is a good time to join the outside world!

hope monkey arrives soon and safely! i'll be looking forward to the announcement!

This pre-birth time is so crazy-making! It's pretty hard to live a normal life when you know that a major, huge, life-changing event could happen any day now...or might not happen for a month. Hang in there!
If it helps to pass the time, maybe you'll weigh in on a debate my partner and I have: she says one is either pregnant or not-pregnant, and there's no such thing as "very pregnant." I say that (especially at this stage of pregnancy!) one can definitely be "very pregnant."

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