Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Moving Again

I'm doing it again. I tried to make it work on Blogger, but I'm going back to Wordpress. Hoping you'll follow along. Here is the new address.

See you there!


Hi. We’re Juli├ín and Agus, a married gay couple. We have a son together, Martin, and we’ve created Weerlly (www.weerlly.com) in order to provide homoparental families with products to be identified with. We were very sad when we could’nt find then for our son, so we decided to make them ourselves! We wish you like them! We are on www.weerlly.com and on facebook (www.facebook.com/weerly). Kisses and love, love, love!
You can also follow our experiences in http://homoparental.wordpress.com and in http://lafelicidadquecrece.wordpress.com .

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