Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello World!

We had our IUI six days ago and I cannot.stop.thinking about the fact that we could be pregnant.  In fact, I have started this blog as a coping strategy.  A mental health crutch.  Whatever it takes, right??  Two weeks has never struck me as an incredibly long period of time, but if the last six days are any indication, two weeks is an eternity.  This is compounded by the fact that this is not my body.  While I am tremendously grateful  for this, it does mean that I am somewhat removed from what's going on.  I'm working hard not to barrage the wife with a constant stream of "How are you feeling honey?", but it's a challenge.  So far:

  • She's much more tired than usual - falling asleep while watching a movie and reading a textbook (not typical - that would be me and not her)

  • Her runs have been slow and plodding and the bike isn't much better

  • Lots of cramping and general bloat

  • Constipation

  • Irritability

Any/all of these could be symptomatic of a variety of things:

  • Implantation and eventual BFP!!!

  • Side effects of Progesterone (which she is taking twice daily)

  • Strange coincidence

  • Cycles of the moon

  • ??????

Patience is a virtue.  Yeah.


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