Saturday, August 29, 2009

Things are Looking Good

The ultrasound yesterday morning showed nice, healthy ovaries and a good, thick lining.  That was good news.  There was a little concern about how mangled her ovaries might be after the follicle reduction.  If they hadn't healed as well as they did (hooray!), there was a chance that we might not have been able to go forward with this round.  We had a blood draw after the ultrasound and I learned how to do the progesterone injections.  Yup!  I'm the needle girl for this round.  I'm not happy about this role, but I guess expecting the wife to inject progesterone into her own back end is a little unreasonable.

The office called later in the afternoon with the blood results and it looks like we need a little more time with the estrogen before we get going.  Her estrogen levels aren't as high as they would like, so we're going to hold off on the egg thaw/progesterone shot  until Tuesday.  Then the fun begins.  I'm trying to talk myself into being confident about this whole needle thing.  At least I've got a few days.....

Now that the ovaries and the lining looks good, it's time to send good energy to our little frozen eggs.  We froze 9 and hopefully we'll have a good number that thaw well.  I don't even know what a good number would be, but ultimately we need one embryo.  That's all we need.  Man do I hope we get it.  If we do...... the transfer will be Labor Day.  For now, one step at a time.


Ha! You said Labor Day! hehe.

Hooray! Sending lots of good energy to your little ice eggies.

I am totally dreading the PIO shots too. I'm sure you'll be a pro in no time, though.

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