Friday, September 4, 2009

We Got SIX Eggs!!!!

Yahoo!  Six of our nine eggs made it through the thawing process.  We found this out late yesterday afternoon when the doctor from the lab called with a report.  Those six are currently going through icsi and we hope we have one that makes it far enough to be transferred.  The doctor explained that the icsi process itself is traumatic to an egg, so they've got a few hurdles over the next few days.  We need one to come through the process in a healthy way, get fertilized and develop into a blastocyte.  Probably a tall order, but the doctor was optimistic.  Go little eggs go!!!

This AM marked day three of progesterone in oil injections.  After my last post, the RE called and told us to give the estrogen one more day and we shifted everything back.  Injections began Wednesday AM and the transfer is scheduled for Tuesday.  I am NOT thrilled about this bc we will be getting on a plane that afternoon headed to a Wed all day job interview for the wife, but the RE assured me that the process wouldn't be comprised and that there is no reason to think this will be a problem.  He better be right....

The good news is that I am playing my role as "Injector" with gusto.  I was pretty terrified at first, but I read everything I could, watched some videos on the internet and practiced.  By "go time" on Wed AM I was ready for action.  So far, so good.  My hand is getting steadier and I'm getting faster.  My wife appreciates both of those things.  She's actually being really patient with me given that she's a physician and I am NOT and somehow I've ended up with the needle.  Yeah.  Scary.  But, we're making it through.  The soreness is pretty bad, but she's committed to sticking with it as long as she can.  Anybody else do IM progesterone?  I'd love to hear about your experience if you're out there.


6 is fantastic! I bet you will get more than one. How many do you plan to transfer? If you have any extra embryos, can they be frozen again? Sorry for the 20 questions...

I would make sure you get a hotel room with a comfy bed and cable tv so your wife can be horizontal anytime that she is not flying or interviewing. Our doc recommends 48 hours of bed/couch rest post transfer.

I should be starting PIO injections on Wednesday or Thursday so I would love any advice that I could pass on to my wife. Based on your wife's love of exercise, can I assume she is on the thinner side? Are you using a 1" or 1-1/2" needle? Here I go with the questions again.

No problem with the questions! It's good to talk. We are only planning to transfer one. We've talked alot about the multiples possibility and if it happened with IUI that would be one thing, but since we have the choice with this process, we're only going to implant one. The primary concern is her ability to carry twins. She has a small frame and two would be even harder on her body. The real truth is that if she had to go on bed rest, I wouldn't be able to handle her. Seriously. It would be ugly. This is a girl who struggles to sit on the couch long enough to watch a 30 min show with the commercials TIVOed out. She would drive me crazy....

And yeah, they will be able to freeze any other embryos, so that's quite a good thing. Your suggestions about the rest are good ones. I'm going to do what I can to slow her down.

Good luck with the injections. Both of you will be fine. It really helped me to watch some of the video examples that you can find online, just so that I could get a better idea of the steps in my head. I think the main thing I've picked up so far is that the steadier I can keep my hand while injecting, the easier it is on her. Using one hand to hold the needle like a pencil, while injecting with the other hand seems to work well.

As for the size of the needle, we have 1.5" needles, but I haven't been pushing in all the way to the hub. My wife doesn't have much fat, but she's got some muscle back there and I think that is helping with the soreness. From what I can tell, the less fat you have the more soreness you are likely to get. We have a friend who runs with my wife and is tiny, but she doesn't have much muscle back there and the soreness was much worse for her. I think the muscle is helping. I've also read that warming up the progesterone (rolling the needle between your hands) for a few minutes before injections helps it go in more smoothly. I've been pushing and kind of kneading with some force afterwards in an effort to spread the stuff out.

Good luck! Eager to hear how it goes for you guys.

Six - hooray! I'm crossing my finger that they all make it through the ICSI process.

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