Monday, August 10, 2009

Two More Days

At the moment, that fact is both a good thing and a bad thing.  It's good bc it feels like we have been waiting forever.  It's bad because I am leaving town tmw and will not be home on Thursday AM for the big event.  We've talked about testing early but that seems like a good way to get all riled up for nothing.  We've also talked about waiting to test until I am home on Sunday, but that doesn't seem smart either.  If we are pregnant, then we need more Progesterone and if we're not, then we need to get in touch with the RE to talk about next steps.  Either way, delay seems silly.  Aside from my absence, it's also bad bc at least now we have the possibility of a pregnancy.  With clarity comes, well clarity.

Tonight we had dinner with some friends that have been TTC  for the last two and a half years and are presently almost three months along.  They are a straight couple with the same diagnosis that we have.  They've got their own sperm but it sounds like that delayed their infertility diagnosis considerably.  Talking with them actually left me feeling grateful that as a lesbian couple, we knew that we would have to have help and we went straight to the RE.  They have spent years trying to do it naturally and then trying to isolate the trouble.  They are on track for a happy ending, but it's been hard for them.  It was great to hear them talk about hearing the heartbeat and seeing the baby for the first time on ultrasound.  I can't wait for every bit of that.


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