Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse

Monday was a hard day.  Our last embryo sounded promising when we spoke with the doctor over the weekend.  It would have felt better to have more than one, but we both felt good knowing that one was all we needed and all we wanted to implant anyway.  The doctor called the wife around 8 that morning to say that we wouldn't have a transfer bc we didn't have anything to transfer.  When I saw her name show up on my phone my stomach dropped and when I heard her voice I knew it was bad.

The RE agreed to meet with us during our transfer appt for a consult and he was great.  We spent almost an hour talking about the particulars of our situation and what makes the most sense for us.  We are going to do IVF.  Not the experimental/last minute switch from IUI way that we went about it last time, but the real way.  Prepping her using the established protocol and hopefully finding a BFP at the end.

For now we are continuing to do the IM POI and she has added some drug whose name escapes me that she actually puffs into her nose twice a day.  How crazy is that?!  I shoot her in the ass in the AM and the she huffs in the R nostril.  At PM she huffs in the left.  You really couldn't make this up if you tried.  She is done with the estrogen both patch and pill for the time being and the last IM POI shot will be on Saturday.  We go in for the baseline US on Monday and the game begins again.  If all goes according to plan, the transfer will be during the first few days of October.  A July baby.  How fabulous would that be?!!


A July baby would be so fabulous! Can you just go forward with stims and lupron and bypass the BCPs all together since her system was already suppressed? With all of this crazy stuff we have to do (huffing, shooting up, etc) doesn't it make you wonder how anyone gets pregnant?!

You girls are in my thoughts...

Thanks! At this point I'm not sure about all the drugs that will be involved. We'll have a teaching session about all the meds next Friday, so I guess we'll find out then. It is AMAZING to think that some people just !poof! pregnant. Man oh man!

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