Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling Really Blessed/Lucky

Last Friday was our baseline u/s and bloodwork appointment.  That PM we got started with the new daily drug protocol:

  • 1 baby Asprin

  • 1 prenatal vitamin

  • 2 Doxycycline pills (1 AM & 1 PM)

  • 2 puffs of Synarel (1 AM & 1 PM)

  • 1 subQ shot of Menpur + Gonal-F

Sweet Jesus, the girl is loaded with drugs.  Today is Day 4 of the stimulation and she had u/s and bloodwork #2 appointment this AM.  As a result of the findings, we've already upped the Gonal-F dosage.  Everything else is staying the same.  So far, so good.

In the midst of all of these shots and scans and needles and drugs, I'm struck by all of the things we have to be grateful for in this process.  Because I love a list, I'm bulleting below.  The universe really does love us.  At least most of the time ;) .........

  • My wife's incredible infertility coverage.  She had to work for this employer for 5 years before she was eligible, but now that she is we are in excellent shape.

  • Two sets of parents who can't wait for their first grandchild.

  • Supportive friends who seem to know intuitively when to ask and when not to ask (again - most of the time)

  • My wife's impressive resilience in the fact of all of these hormones and shots

  • The very real possibility of a summer baby


you are consistently upbeat and its awesome!

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