Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And Then There was One

We made it.  The transfer is over.  It actually happened.

Our appt was scheduled for 12:30, so when we passed the 10:30 mark with no call from the lab I felt like we had crossed a hurdle.  Getting that call prior to transfer during the last cycle was hard to take and I think that was a real barrier for me.  In spite of all of the good reports and the crazy good numbers, I had lingering fears that their growth would stall or stop in the 11th hour.  Happily, that's not what happened at all.  Due to the fact that we really want to reduce the likelihood of twins, we made the decision to transfer only one blastocyst.  We decided over the weekend, that if the lab said that we had one that looked promising we would go with it.  The only way we would transfer two would be if all of them looked good/acceptable, but not superior.  Then we figure we would be willing to accept the twin risk in exchange for the increased chances with the extra blastocyst.  The whole blastocyst grading system is so weird and admittedly objective, but you've got to have something to base a decision on. 

After we discussed all of the blastocysts and saw the one we would be transferring on the big screen, it was time for the procedure.  The whole thing went really quickly and then we were left in the room.  It felt good just to sit beside her while she laid there with her feet in the air.  Without the doctors and the nurses and the catheters.  Just us and our little possibility.  Now, she's asleep on the couch and I'm hoping that it's burrowing inside her.  Warm and safe.


Yay, I'm pleased that you've made it this far - may that little blastocyst keep on growing and developing and you get some good news in a few more days!


Isn't it terrible, but I just pictured a tic burrowing. I HATE ticks! But I really like possibilities and you just want that blastocyst to be dogged and dirty like a tick! (omg i hate ticks). But this isnt the time for sweet nothings and baby dust, this is the time for ACTION! with TEETH!

(I will be trying for the rest of the day to think of an equally powerful, but more palatable, implantation image.)

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