Monday, October 12, 2009

Wednesday is the Big Day

The day we find out.  She will go in for the blood draw on her way to work that morning and the RE should have the results back by lunchtime.  Then they will call her with the news.  Then she will call me.  Then I will march into my 2 o' clock class and teach about the role of emotions and attitudes in the workplace.  So, yeah.  It's like that.

Last Friday a fabulous thing happened.  My best friends in the world came to town.  Ahhh.... the universe can be kind.  Three days with these guys was exactly what we needed.  To play with their happy little girl, and talk and watch movies and walk the dog.  Regular life stuff, but with almost everyone I love most in the world right there with me.  It felt comfortable and hopeful and actually..... perfect.  I was thinking the whole time, "Little bean, your family is ready for you."


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