Friday, October 2, 2009

Fertilization Report: 19

The report from the doctor this AM was a good one.  As of this AM, we had 19 eggs that fertilized successfully.  We will get another call on Sunday with an update.  It's all pretty exciting.  The question we are wrestling with at the moment is (if we should be so lucky as to have the option), do we return two blastocysts or just one?  We don't have to make this decision until the AM of the transfer and I'm glad we have some time.  It's a hard one.  For all kinds of reasons, we would prefer a singleton pregnancy.  Of course, our odds of a pregnancy that goes to term is improved if we return two.  If we return only one, that one could miscarry early.  There is no way to tell that from the look of blastocysts on Day Five.  However, I know we could roll with it if we had twins.  We could handle twins.  We could care for them financially and emotionally.

Questions, questions.....


im not known for prudence in matters of love, but I say TWO!

Awesome! Good luck deciding how many to transfer. The good news is that she will likely never have to stim again with all of the ice babies you will have!

Great news, tough decision to make it so good luck with that - can't wait to hear how they progress.

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