Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have never thought so much about blood in my life.  With one day to testing, she had some bleeding.  Overnight.  It's not my body, so I don't know how much there actually was.  I'm trying to be normal and not lose my mind and ask a gazillion questions.  I deserve an award for my patience and the fact that I'm giving her distance on this one.  Damnit, it's not easy.

She called the nurse as soon as the office opened.  The verdict is stay the course.  Come in the morning as planned for the test.  She's still on both estrogen and progesterone, so even if we weren't pregnant her period wouldn't start until the meds stopped.  That makes all of this confusing.  I don't know what's going on.  Isn't  too late for implantation bleeding?  Is it possible that she could be miscarrying this early?


can you promise that you will never use the phrase "stay the course" again because it reminds me of george bush? ;}

Funny. Yeah, I guess our nurse is a Bush devotee. I have heard her use this phrase more than once. Perhaps she's a fan.....

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