Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Second Trimester is in Sight

Finally!  This morning Bean had her first photo shoot in what feels like forever.  During our last OB appointment we heard the heartbeat, but we didn't get to see anything.  Seeing that tiny little person on the big screen was fabulous.  Arms and legs moving and my wife was quick to point out, a clear nasal bone.  All very, very good news.  Heartbeat at 167 and all measurements in the normal range.

My wife, the one I knew before TTC and pregnancy, also seems to be making appearances at more frequent intervals.  The nausea continues to hang around, but she's sleeping much less and acting shockingly non-hormonal.  This could be too good to be true, but I'm celebrating it while it's here.  Perhaps the whole 2nd trimester will be like this.  Maybe?!


Hooray for the oncoming 2nd trimester! Enjoy!

2nd trimester easier. yes.
yoda says hi.

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