Monday, March 15, 2010

A Deep Breath

Thankfully the immediate stress that accompanied the realization of how different our lives will be in a few months has largely passed.  Since my last post I have taken many many deep, cleansing breaths and man did I need them.  I have done quite a bit of introspection and had very honest conversations with folks who know me well and whose ideas I respect.  As a result of this, I have largely resisted the temptation to make a decision NOW.  Instead my wife and I have decided to live with the idea of me being SAHM for awhile.  We have never considered this option with any real seriousness, so we are trying it on.  Seeing how well it fits us.  I have until April 15 to accept or defer my admission, so this gives us a little time.

If any of you have decided to stay home (or have a partner who will be staying home), I would love to hear how you made the decision and how it is working for your family.  What is going well and what is challenging?


hugs. we love you.

thank you for listening and letting me slap you around a bit over the phone. ;o)

oh, and tell CS that I said she rocks!

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