Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's ON

This evening the first wave of out-of-towners will arrive at our house.  It has been a helluva day.  Let's review the itinerary:

  • Thursday PM - my best friend and her adorable 2-year-old arrive

  • Friday - my parents arrive

  • Saturday afternoon - my wife's parents and brother arrive

  • Saturday PM - baby shower

  • Sunday AM - Father's Day brunch

  • Sunday afternoon/evening - out-of-towners depart

  • Monday AM - movers arrive (this is a day earlier than I had expected until 11 o clock this morning)

  • Tuesday AM - the truck heads out-of-town

At the moment I am concentrating on breathing in and breathing out.  I WILL enjoy the weekend and WILL NOT get sucked into everyone else's emotions.  My job is just to be me and hold my own space.  I am not responsible for everyone else.

Ok.  Cross your fingers for me.


You'll get through this...good luck!! Breathe...breathe... ;-)

Whoa. wow. Good mantra. In fact, just after I read this I had an opportunity to use that myself. It is infinitely useful.

You will get through to the other side of this-- you will. And! No more CRAZY landlady! Major bous!!

Great plan to get through it! Enjoy the baby shower!

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