Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just One of the Dads

Last night we took the hospital tour.  Not surprisingly, we were the only lesbian couple in the group of about 12 couples.  Although our tour guide did substitute "significant other" for the word "Dad" on one occasion, I was just one of the Dads.  Another person for whom the Moms were encouraged to pack snacks for and presumably feed.  WHILE in labor.  Damn, it's good to be a Dad.


The important thing is that I know how to get us to the hospital, park,  find OB Admitting and what to do in order to get pre-registered.  All of the business about massages and photographers and the lactation boutique (wha??) and the premium rooms that you can charge to your credit card (again.....wha???) flew right by me.  I'm sure all of that will be fascinating at some point, but for now the focus is logistics.  My first job is to get us where we need to be when we need to be there.  What happens after that I plan to focus on once the logistics have been tended to.

Humm..... I guess that would be now.

There was one other thing that held my attention during the tour.  The nursery.  Our guide saved that for the end.  Something of a reward I suppose.  Happily, there were two babies snuggled into their cribs when we came by.  The first was a tiny girl born five hours before who was having her footprints stamped while Dad stood by clicking away.  The second was a boy who was absolutely sprawled out in all directions.  He looked completely spent and entirely comfortable.  I told my wife that I wanted that one (the boy), but she told me we'd have to wait.

Just a little bit longer.


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