Friday, July 16, 2010

The Lion or the Virgin?

That is the big question around here.  Well, it's a big question for me.  My wife thinks that astrology is silly.  Of course, she's a Capricorn so she would think that. ;)

But..... all of this is a question bc my wife also thinks that the baby will be early.  We've read that IVF babies tend to come early and we've also read that women who exercise throughout their pregnancy tend to delivery early. By early, we're not talking premature, we're talking earlier than their non-IVF and non-exercising peers.  Full term (which I think is 37 weeks), but not necessarily 40 weeks.   So, perhaps Bean will be an early bird.  I (of course) don't have any idea.

Since becoming aware of this early possibility, we've also learned that 34 weeks seems to be something of a magic marker.  Bake your baby for 34 weeks and although they may need some intervention, they are likely to be just fine.  Now that we are safely in the 33rd week (so close to the magic marker) and it is consistently hot as hell, my wife is feeling pretty ready for this baby.

Our due date is September 2, so I've been getting myself ready for a Virgo.  My best friend is a Virgo, so I feel like I have some sense of what I might be getting myself into.  Of course, if we have an early bird (at least before August 23) we will have a Leo.  A Leo!  I don't even know a Leo.

I did find these images that illustrate our options:

Timely Bean:

Early Bird Bean:

Given our personalities, we might do best with a Leo.  We could use a little lion around here.  Actually, bc it's fun, I'll include info about us.

My Wife:

Me.  I could only find an image that included the good side/bad side for me.


So glad that you have a good chance of having a baby that is sexy as hell ;-)

I used to do astrology match-ups for when Nutella was pregnant. I was soo hoping for an Aries, but he was late and ended up being a Taurus. And he is EVERY BIT of a Taurus, too :-P

I'm a Gemini and wife's a Virgo.

I know! Isn't that goofy?! A sexy as hell baby is just what we need. ;)

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