Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's Looking Like Virgo

It's once a week with the OB from here on out.  At this weeks visit, we got a plan.  Bean is still breech (not a surprise at this point) and we're not a great candidate for a version.  This is actually something of a relief.  Neither of us were feeling good about that kind of intervention, so when the OB said that she would classify such a procedure as a heroic measure in our case, it took the possibility more surely off the table.  Apparently given that Bean's head and the placenta are on the same side, the procedure would be done in the OR with a spinal.  And it might  not work.  So.... onwards and upwards.

We've decided to do a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks.  This means that unless Bean decides to make an early appearance, we will have a baby on Thursday, August 26.

Three weeks and a day.  Wowza.


Isn't it kind of nice though, knowing the date? We waited and waited and everything was so anxious and tense at the end. Aug 26 is a great date (unless the Bean has other ideas...)

Virgos aren't all that bad! We just analyze the hell out of everything, are direct and to the point, fashionistas, like rules and people who follow the rules[hello hall monitor], our word is bond, like routine bordering on OCD, like cleanliness,etc....

He/she will be a great kid ,but don't expect to set a curfew without a logical explanation of WHY there should be one.lmbo

It's the best early birthday present this Aunt T could ask for -- and Malea is right -- us virgos, we're not all that bad! :o)

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