Friday, August 13, 2010

Thirteen Days with Chicken Little

In one moment it feels like an eternity and the next it feels suffocatingly soon.  I never expected that we would be able to plan this birth in the way that we have, but now that Bean will be joining us in the OR and not the labor and delivery room we've been able to have specific conversations with family about travel and hotel reservations and all of the things that make me crazy.  It feels good to have the crazy behind me.  At least for now.

But.... in the midst of my happy organization, my wife has turned into Chicken Little.  Every time I ask how she's feeling she has the same response and it's started to sound to me like "My cervix is falling, my cervix is falling".  Having never been pregnant myself, I have no idea what she's feeling but I would guess things start getting a little crazy in the last month.  Our latest OB appt seems to have calmed her nerves a bit as in spite of all of the odd sensations, her cervix was completely closed.  You never know though.  Bean could still come early.


enjoy this time before the chaos! i will make sure liz posts some c section recovery tips in the upcoming week. eeeeee, so exciting!

Hey ladies, so I am *finally* catching up with you all. I can't believe your little bean will be here so soon!! Ack--where did the time go? So much good luck, if I don't see you before then.

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