Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Momma

Today I got to feed my boy for the first time!  Something in my heart opened up just that much more.

He will be four weeks old tmw and Dr. Wonderful said it was time to introduce him to the bottle.  Although we were concerned that if we introduced a bottle he would prefer it over the breast, the good doctor said that he has seen much more incidence of the reverse.  My wife will be returning to work in mid-October, so we can't have him refusing the bottle.  My wife has been pumping since about a week after delivery, so we have a pretty good start on the breast milk conservancy.

This afternoon I put an ounce in the bottle, snuggled him close and off he went.  I was expecting some degree of fuss as a result of the new sensation, but not a peep.  He looked right in my eyes and gobbled it all up.  Easy as that.  When he had gotten it all, I got a good burp and passed him to my wife who topped him off.

Dr. Wonderful suggests that he have at least one bottle feeding a week.  Sounds good to me!


so wonderful! congratulations!

Hooray! We just had the same milestone - and our guy even littler. But nighttime meltdowns necessitated introducing just a little bottle feeding w/ pumped milk, and he took to it just fine, with the same amount of loving suckage he applies to the boob. Doesn't it feel SO good to be able to do it? I loved, loved it too.

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