Friday, September 10, 2010

What I've Learned from Yogi so Far

  • I require much more sleep than an infant considers appropriate.

  • It is possible to type with your right hand while bouncing a baby head with your left.

  • As unbelievable as it seems, that wet spot on the upper middle back of the onesie is NOT sweat, it is urine.  The urine stream of little boys do not heed any of the standard laws of physics.

  • My son sleeps in his bouncy seat and neither god nor the parenting police has struck me dead.

  • Nothing I have ever seen compares to the cuteness of the Yogi stretch.

  • I'm afraid that I don't have the patience or fortitude that breastfeeding requires.

  • You can never get enough of kissing baby cheeks.

  • I haven't worked through my self-worth issues (AKA bullshit) as thoroughly as I thought I had.  Sometimes it's hard to believe that I truly deserve all of this.

  • The baby bucket is either WAY heavier than I ever imagined or I don't have the guns I thought I did.  Probably the latter.

  • Frequent wardrobe change is not just for the baby.  There have been days when I have had to change my clothes more times than I have changed Yogi's.  This has something to do with the fact that the boy enjoys the diaper-only look and something to do with his tendency to let it all go in the seconds that he spends between diapers.

  • I've got to improve my time management skills.  It's going to be a long time before I again have the alone time that I've grown accustomed to, so I've got to make the time I have count.  Working on that one.

  • The people who complain about the unbelievable number of diapers that infants go through?  They are not being dramatic.


Yes yes and yes. And parenting will be the hardest thing you've ever done in your life...and ever will....but those most rewarding :)

Welcome to Mommyhood, my friend. You are amazing, and so is your wife.

I smile as I read this -- I think I said something to my mom a few months ago to the effect of: They're going to be GREAT, but they REALLY have NO CLUE what they're in for.

Though I had a bit of a leg up on you in the baby department, I don't think anyone is EVER really prepared for the life change and the lack of sleep and the cl0thing changes and the sleeping patterns and the DIAPERS! BUT, as Strawberry said, it IS the most rewarding thing you'll ever do.

I love you, Momma!

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