Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yogi on the Move

This picture was taken during a nap over the holidays.  We were at my parents' house and had settled him on their bed in a kind of pillow fort so that we could hear him when he woke up.  We walked into the room to find what you see above.   There are two things that stand out in this picture for me.  One is that Yogi is on his stomach, after being put to sleep on his back.  This was the first time we had seen him roll from back to front without help.  The second thing is that he's not swaddled.  We started the unswaddling process by forgoing the swaddle during naps.  In just over a week, Yogi is totally on the move.  Here's how much things have changed:

  • No more swaddle!  He's sleeping in a sleep sac at night for warmth,  but he's totally free.  Well, except for the fact that he's caged in a crib.  My wife was the prime mover on this one and she was right.  If it were up to me only, he would probably still be swaddled at night, but he's doing great without it.

  • He is ALL OVER the crib.  His favorite move is the 360 spin.

  • He now faces forward in the Bjorn.  This was yet another move initiated by my wife and Yogi loves to be able to look around more easily on walks.  This has been (by far) the most emotional change for me.  When I saw his little self sitting up in that Bjorn like a big boy, I burst into tears.  It is all just going so fast.  Isn't he still the baby that looked so impossibly tiny in that thing?  I thought he was, but it turns out I was wrong.


Miles slept on his tummy from 4 months on. There was no stopping him (and really, he was such a great sleeper, we didn't care much). They do grow up really fast. Soak it in as much as you can!

Beezy also loves the 360 move. She's been doing that for a few months. Every morning I expect to find our wiggly creature on her stomach. But so far she has stayed put on her back. Just a matter of time...

What amazing eyes Yogi has! It is crazy how fast they change and grow up isn't it?

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