Sunday, May 15, 2011

By the Numbers

  • NINE - The number of months Yogi has been here as of today!

  • FOUR - The number of days we have had rain and general dreariness.

  • TWO - The number of teeth Yogi has.

  • THREE - The number of days since Yogi, Baker and I have had a good, long walk.

  • EIGHT - The number of books we read each day.

  • TWELVE -The number of days my wife has to put in during this call week.

  • SEVEN - The number of days we have all put in so far - her at the hospital and me at home.

  • FIVE - The number of days we have left.

  • ONE - The number of non-milk food substances that Yogi will agree to eat (bread).  Eating involves actual swallowing.  See photographic evidence of typical food response below.

  • TWENTY-ONE - The number of days I survived the April Blog Challenge.

  • SEVENTEEN - The number of days since my last post.


"... and just WHAT do you expect me to do with this, mom?"

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