Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 3 - Guilty Pleasures

The images and collages on everyone elses' blogs have inspired me to make my own. It probably speaks for itself, but I have a few words to add.

1. Hot Tamales - The crown jewel in the candy crown. This is my movie candy of choice and I can easily eat an entire box by myself. In no time at all. When I lived in Atlanta and spent a lot of time at Eddie's Attic (fabulous music venue) they had Hot Tamales in the gum machine. Perfect.
2. Snickerdoodles - Cookies are a general weakness, but this particular cookie is a current favorite. Soft and spicy.
3. Big Brother - I have no excuse for this. The show started when I was in grad school and I tried to tell myself that it was all the interpersonal psychological business that kept me watching. It was practically like homework, right? Years later, I'm still watching and I've given up the pretense that watching this show is worthwhile. It is simply narcissism on parade.
4. Two Peas in a Bucket - I got into scrapbooking a little more than 10 years ago. It wasn't long before I came across this website. There are certainly lots of great resources, but it's the message boards that keep me coming back. It is a total time suck, but I can never stay away for long.
5. Mellow Mushroom - I love Mellow Mushroom pizza and this is my favorite kind, the Kosmic Karma. Tomatoes, feta and pesto. Yum. And beer, always beer.


As a scrapbooker, I am afraid to look at Two Peas in a bucket, because I am unaware. Oh damn. And, Big Brother is so addicting! It is almost time...

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