Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Morning and Welcome to My Room

These days when we walk into Yogi's room in the morning, we are greeted by this smiling face.  Late last week he realized that he could sit up in his crib and now he's hooked.  In fact, the last few nights we have heard baby sounds on the monitor and when we push the video button all we can see is a big, bald head.  It sounds crazy, but we think he's sitting up in his sleep.  When my wife goes in to check on him she just lays him back down, adjusts his lovey and he is immediately asleep.  Was he ever actually awake?  Hard to know.

More on the challenge after dinner.


He's so darn cute! Curly moves around a LOT in his sleep, and sometimes sleep-sits-up or sleep-babbles.

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