Monday, September 5, 2011

Eight More Days

Waiting is hard.  Thinking about the fact that were it not for work related travel we would have only five more days is harder.  We have agreed (and we WILL.NOT give into the urges that I know will come) not to POAS before the blood test.  Incomplete information is such a curse and the potential for getting a faint line or not having a line isn't worth the risk.

And so..... we wait.

And while we wait we have a delightfully busy Yogi to keep us distracted.  The boy is wowing us each day with new surprises.  Here are a few of his new tricks:

  • Moving his hand towards the moon in his book On the Night You Were Born when asked "Yogi, show me the moon."

  • Lighting up and crawling at top speed towards the ball to pick it up and bring it to Mommy when asked "Do you see the ball?  Bring Mommy the ball?"

  • Occasionally taking an actual sip of cold milk from his sippy cup.  Progress!! (Dr. Wonderful said that his No Bottle goal would be 15 months so we're going with that for now)

  • Sitting on the floor reading himself a book in a distinct voice that we've started calling his "book voice"

  • Crawling eagerly towards his high chair when handed his spoon

Having a 1 year old changes the feel of the wait, but I'm not sure it makes it any easier.  It's still going to be a VERY long eight days.


fingers crossed and baby dust to you!!! =)

Oops.... that last comment was from me! Wrong account! Anyways, baby dust and fingers crossed to you!

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