Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Good Day


In spite of our initial early surprise, we have managed to have quite a good day.  What you see in the picture above is Yogi enjoying a celebratory lunch of peaches and tofu at one of my favorite pizza joints.  The beer and pizza slice are mine.  My wife had water because.........


Never in my wildest throes of optimism would I have imagined that.  As the doctor was showing us each one and describing their qualities it sounded like technically we have 3, but practically we have more like two and a very small amount of change.  These 3 were frozen in the same straw on Day 6 so they were not the best (which get frozen on Day 5) but someone deemed them good enough to freeze, right?

She recommended, based on the quality of the embryos and our previous history (it took three tries to get a singleton the first time), that we transfer all three.  Her exact words were "I think this would be likely to produce a singleton."  When pressed she said that although possible it would be very unlikely to result in triplets and pretty unlikely to result in twins.

And that is what we did.  We transferred three embryos.  I never thought I would be typing that.

All three of us went to the office and everyone was so excited to see Yogi.  In fact he was even invited to tour the lab with the embryologist, but he declined.  Bummer.  I would have LOVED to go on that tour.  He was also a little unhappy about the fact that Mommy couldn't hold him whenever he wanted, but he was a good sport.

We are staying with good friends and so we spent the rest of the day relaxing and visiting with them.  They even planned a little dinner party for us in which we got to meet the 3 week old son of an old friend.  I hadn't heard them arrive and so when I came downstairs to find my wife holding a tiny, tiny baby it felt like quite a good day to me.

Thank you guys for your prayers, thoughts and kind words.  The last few days have reminded me how very lucky I am to be a part of this community.


3 embryos! Wow! Good luckkkkkk

And for some reason that piece of pizza looks HUGE!

This news has totally made my morning! Congratulations! When will you guys be able to get your first betas? Also, That pizza slice appears to be the size of Yogi's body. And now I want pizza ;-)

Yeah, the pizza does look huge in the picture, doesn't it?! Honestly it was no small slice, but I think the camera perspective makes it look even bigger. :)

First beta would be Friday 9/09 EXCEPT my wife is flying out of town for a conference that day. So....we have to wait until Monday 9/12. I don't know what we'll do about that. I am NOT a fan of early testing, but it will be hard to be patient.

J actually called me at home and woke me up to read me this post, which made me jump with joy, which one should probably be more solidly awake to do. :)

A resounding "yay!" for you guys, and for all THREE of those tiny possibilities!

I'm so happy for you all! September 1st seems like the perfect day to start growing.

Oh my goodness, this is going to be a hard tww for me-- I can imagine how hard it's going rto be on you! All my thoughts are with you!!

P.S. O/T....Speedy & I are wanting to try again, but I don't want to wean early and yet, AF is nowhere to be seen. Did you guys deal with this issue?


We did deal with this, but my wife doesn't ovulate so AF is never anywhere to be seen. She did struggle with the weaning issue and we decided to wait until now bc she felt that she would be comfortable with weaning once he turned a year old. With that said, she continued to breastfeed without supply problems throughout the estrogen pill/patch gear up phase and into the progesterone shots. The doc advised that she not BF the day of the transfer and the following day bc there is some evidence that oxytocin is still released during BF even a year in and that could cause uterine contractions which would be bad for implantation. So..... Yogi is a bit confused and she's pretty uncomfortable but they plan to resume tmw. Let's hope she still can.

Awesome news! Thinking sticky thoughts for you!

This is so exciting!!! Congratulations!!! :)

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