Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One More Week - A TTC Update

Life is good and everyone is well, but I'm still crazy on the TTC front.  Yesterday was a particularly bad day in which I was convinced that Button was gone and I was worried that Monkey might be as well, bc you know people get punished for greed.  Oh yeah, it's like that.  Ugly.  I would now be a perfect teaching demonstration for each one of the cognitive distortions associated with anxiety disorders. 
  • Catastrophizing?  Check 
  • Selective abstraction?  You betcha ya
  • Dichotomous thinking?  Absolutely
  • Overgeneralization? For sure.
The good news is that today is better and after crying to my wife in the five minutes I had to see her when she got home from work before I needed to go to Yogi's Open House last night, I seem to have let go of whatever I was hanging on to.  I'm still counting the days (the appt is next Wednesday at noon), but I feel more peaceful.  Hopefully this will last a few days.

As you may have noticed from the first paragraph, the babies have gotten belly names.  We decided last weekend to be hopeful enough to talk about them as something other than "the babies" or "the big one" and "the little one".  I know that the Eeney Meeny Miney Mommy ladies already have a Button at their house, so I hope they won't mind but if you could see the image from the ultrasound (we didn't get a file BTW), "the little one" looks just like a tiny Button.  So, Button it is.  And Monkey?  It sounded good to both us.  Case closed. 

For the next seven days we've got one Button and one Monkey and I'm grateful for that.


Button and Monkey it is!

I can understand the worry (we all worry), but at the same time try not to do so unnecessarily! I'm sure you'll feel much better after next Wednesday and I look forward to getting the update!

Hoping time speeds by quickly for you until next wednesday, and tht you see two beautiful (large) sacs at the appt!!!

PS- my wife C says to tell you she was really hoping for "BooBoo" as a blog name for one of them... as in, Yogi and booboo. LOL.

Button and Monkey! I LOVE Button and Monkey! So hopeful for these sweet beings. May the low bits of this roller-coaster ride yield quickly to optimistic peace. R.

These early stages are so stressful. Be gentle with yourself. If by any chance you can get a calming meditation CD for pregnancy, I recommend it. Gives your mind something better to fixate on.

Two days now. My thoughts are with you as you try to maintain calm while waiting/hoping/praying to see BOTH Button and Monkey on Wednesday! R.

Thanks to everyone for thinking about us!

Lezbemoms - "BooBoo" made me laugh. I had not even thought of that. Funny.

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