Monday, October 3, 2011

Bathing Beauty

Tub (which is what we call the entire bathing experience at our house) is Yogi's very favorite part of the day.  He knows that when dinner has been eaten and the kitchen is clean it's time for tub and the boy is ready.  He's so ready that he would rather not slow down long enough to disrobe and I'm sure he would jump in fully clothed if we let him.  Instead, he has to endure a minute on the changing table but when we set him on the floor, he's off.  Barreling towards the bathroom as fast as a naked baby can crawl, which is pretty fast.  And totally cute.  As soon as he hits the water, the splashing begins.  When he's not taking a nibble (Tub. Yum!) he's in constant motion.


He has the cutest eyelashes (and eyes of course)!


Sugar is right, he does have beautiful eyelashes!

Those pictures are awesome! The tub is my daughter's favorite place in the entire world. Just wait until she meets a swimming pool!

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