Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Still Sparky

Clearly this guy is still his calm, chill self.  I, of course, am not.  I think the best description of my current state is sparky.  Reduced need for sleep, increased energy and lightning fast thoughts.  A small touch (spark?) of mania.  Baby mania.

My wife went in for the second beta at lunchtime and now it's wait time and the  I'm feeling optimistic though.  She felt pretty yucky last night and I couldn't have been happier.  ;)  Yesterday was our anniversary and I cooked jambalaya (yum!) for dinner (which Yogi LOVED by the way) and we had my wife's favorite desert of brownies with vanilla ice cream.  It was a heavier meal than is typical around here and my lovely bride spent the rest of the evening with terrible heart burn.  Yay!!!!  Even she was happy about it.

In the midst of all of this beta craziness, Yogi has been doing some fun things.  First, did you notice the picture at the top of this post?!  He looks ridiculously cute in denim, but..... babies don't wear jeans.  :(  He looks like such a big boy I can hardly stand it.  This is the outfit he wore to school on Tuesday when he went back for his first full (9-2) day.  He did cry this time when I kissed him goodbye, but I waited outside the door and he had stopped in less than two minutes.  When I picked him up that afternoon his teachers said that he had made it all the way to their actual naptime at noon without snoozing on the sly!  He did however refuse to drink either milk or water in spite of the fact that I brought his two favorite cups (this is a relative term), but I imagine he won't dehydrate in 5 hours.  At least I hope not.  Overall I think he had fun and I'm proud of him.  I am getting pretty sick of the sippy-stand off though.

I'll post the beta when I hear it.  I've still just got SUCH a strong twin feeling, but who knows.  I know you can't know for sure until you can see what's going on in there with ultrasound, but if the number more than doubles isn't that kind of suggestive?  If you have thoughts or ideas about this, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks to everyone for being so excited for us!


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