Friday, November 11, 2011

The Mountains Win Again

If it's true that some people are mountain people and some people are beach people, I am very most definitely a mountain person.  When I imagine the perfect lazy vacation it is not summer or sand that comes to mind, but crisp fall air and leaves.

This weekend is one of those great mountain getaway weekends.  The weather is cool and the leaves are flames of yellow and orange and brightest red.  Perfect for all of my favorite things: slow, quiet hikes, lazy morning coffee, and early darkness ripe for cozy fireside conversations.

We woke up slowly (Yogi included) and stayed in pj's until the last possible moment.  The boy spent the afternoon with Grandpa and Muzzie while we drove into one of my very favorite cities.  I am firmly convinced that a hippie mountain town is good for the soul.  At least my soul.  We ate a yummy lunch involving tempheh, hot tea and sweet potato fries and did lots and lots of wandering.  We might not do as much of it as we once did, but a long walk with my wife is still the absolute best.

So, how about you?  Are you a mountain person or a beach person?  Any idea about why?


Can I have both? ;-)

The hippie mountain town sounds familiar - I think we may be neighbors (relatively speaking)

If it's the hippie mountain town that I'm thinking it is, that's one of my very favorite places to go. I hope that you guys are having a wonderful time. Autumn really is the perfect time of year for a trip like that...

Sounds like an awesome getaway.

I've never really been to the mountains, but I love going "up north" to the woods and lakes. That's how we would spend our vacation time growing up. Jen's family did beach vacations so since I've met her we've been doing those too. They're also really nice. I think anywhere there is water and trees and fresh air I am happy.

I am a total beach person. Swimming and reading are my two favorite activities and a trip to the beach means copious amounts of both. That said, KK and I took a retreat to a fantastic hill side hermitage last spring. The experience of hiking, cooking on a wood stove, and reading by the light of a flame was just as relaxing as listening to the ocean while I fall asleep.

Glad you got some time away. As usual, I cannot choose. I like the beach in the summer and the mountains the rest of the time...but sometimes the beach in the winter when it's empty :)

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