Sunday, November 20, 2011

National Whining Day

It's raining, it's the last weekend we have at home before the whirlwind of holiday travel and Yogi has declared today National Whining Day.

I'm just a ray of sunshine.

Right now he's napping (and yes I AM watching 30 Rock, not even public shaming has motivated me) and I'm hoping that he will magically morph back into himself while he sleeps.  Maybe.....

For now I am wallowing in my first round of winter doldrums.  To chronicle both my lack of genuine productivity and my love for Trader Joe's I have made a collage.  Why?  Because making a collage is the perfect activity to accompany endless episodes of 30 Rock. 

Anyone else obsessed with Trader Joe's?  What are your favorite things?  I don't want to miss anything.


Peppermint Joe-Joe's, basil and white bean hummus, spicy hummus, wheat and honey pretzel rods, sesame seed and honey cashews, soycatash (frozen), pumpkin cream cheese (OMGYUM!), pumpkin waffle and pancake mix, chicken quinoa salad, carrot cake cupcakes, fruit crushers and various yogurts for the babe... Can you tell I live within walking distance of a TJ's? :)

Curly has a TJ multigrain waffle for breakfast every morning. Love the Cocoa a Cafe (seasonal, alas!) and orange chicken frozen meal. I buy all of my nuts and most of my chocolate for baking there. And how can we forget the chocolate covered salted caramels. I've never seen that ice cream flavor, it looks delish!

Hope Yogi is back to his usual charming self!
TJ's is our favorite place to grocery shop too. Love their butternut squash ravioli. And the teenytiny chocolate ice cream cones. And their frozen gnocchi (I think it's called gnocchi alla sorrentina) is a super-easy dinner (and extra yummy with some garbanzo beans and extra tomato sauce thrown in). Oh, and the frozen mashed potatoes are yummy, which I was totally not expecting.

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