Monday, November 7, 2011

Really Monday? That All You Got?

It's Monday, in the truest sense of the word.  If you are a regular reader, you will not be surprised to find out that I am actually one of those obnoxious people who enjoys a Monday. 

Not today.

Today began at the hour of very early when I woke up to the feeling that my face had been pumped up with a bicycle pump.  This is (almost) not an exaggeration.  Both my wife and Yogi have been sniffling and draining for the last week and just the day before I had been marveling about how I hadn't gotten sick, even going so far as to pat myself on the back for all that spinach smoothie drinking.  Go me!  Outsmarting the common cold.  I'm sure that's what did it too, the arrogance.  Well, however it happened I've got it now.  The headache, the stuffy head, the sore throat. 

In addition to those things, I also have a wildly spirited Yogi (when did he decide that every object must be thrown?), an increasingly demanding dog (anyone in the market for an 8 year old Viszla? Seriously.  I'm not kidding) and an aggressive daily word count goal.  Happily, I also have a fabulous wife and it is for that reason that you are reading this post.  When she got home from work today she shooed me out the door and told me to get writing.  No more Yogi/house tasks for me.  Now, I'm huddled in my favorite coffee shop with some decaf and I'm writing.  That is a Go Me for sure!


i feel the same way about our 7 yr old springer spaniel, but my wife won't let us do it. we already gave away a cat once.

hope you feel better soon. i've got a cold right now, too. mine isn't too bad, but it still bites.

Mean old November cold! I hope it goes away super soon. Do you use a neti pot? R.

Thanks guys!

Hope you feel better Pom and R, I've never used one. Perhaps it's time to try.

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