Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Whoa Nelly

The picture you see above is evidence that my son is not a brute.  Note the way he is clearly capable of placing one object on top of another object. 

Somehow during the last few days he has lost that ability.  Suddenly he knows how to do only one thing - throw. 

That is something of an exaggeration.  He doesn't actually throw everything, but he does only move things with great force.  There is no placing or setting or heaven forbid carefully arranging.  There is only tossing and chucking and thrusting and well, throwing. 

And when there is no object movement involved, there is also banging and crashing.

I imagine that the impact of all of this is heightened by the fact that is suddenly cold and dark and I have a cold.  Still.

Good thing he's cute.


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