Thursday, January 5, 2012

Savoring a Quiet House

Yogi went back to school this morning.  For the first time since mid-December we were dressed, packed (with

Lunch in school approved container
3 diapers with "Yogi" written in my hasty hand
Complete change of clothes
Lovey and pacifier (for nap)
Happy Nappy - 

yes that is it's actual trade name), and in the car by 8:45.  Fifteen minutes later I was home.

The bliss of it was overpowering.  I plugged my (audio - obviously) book into the speakers and listened to something of my very own choosing while I prepared a simple breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with salsa and a thick, buttered slice of sourdough bread warm and crisp from the toaster.  I sat down (!!!) in an actual chair and ate at my very own pace.  Chewing and sipping my coffee and listening to a story unfold all around me.  The whole thing lasted no more than twenty minutes, but they were mine and mine alone. 

This is what has been the most challenging for me about staying at home.  I love Yogi and I love my wife and I can think of no one whom I would rather spend time with, but sometimes I make my own best company.

I have a lot of practice.

I was 32 years old when Yogi arrived and I had spent the vast majority of those years with myself as my own primary side-kick.  

I'm an only child
I've never enjoyed a crowd
I'm quiet and bookish
I favor small, intimate groups

There are all sorts of reasons I suppose, but all of them get back to one, simple truth.

Sometimes it's wonderful to be alone.


I needed to read this today as I've really been struggling for my need (!!!) for alone time and feeling guilty about it. Thanks. :)

mmmmm.... i could TASTE that french toast you were talking about. Sounds totally blissful. Yay for alone time.

Its so amazing, isnt it? I'm childless and single and sometimes even I just have to fucking pause about how awesome it is to be all alone. Like the lightly buttered multigrain bread lightly toasted and the black coffee in the elephant mug is the deepest expression of my soul possible.

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