Monday, January 2, 2012

Starting the New Year on a Fabulous Foot!

Do you see what I see in the picture above?  It is hard to believe (for me at least), but that is Yogi eating with a spoon from a real bowl, milk sippy at the ready.

Go Yogi go!

Over the break we manged to make a handful of big boy changes in the meal department.  I think that the topsy-turvy nature of daily rhythms during the holidays was the perfect catalyst.

Here's what's new:

No more morning bottle! We had been limping along for the last few months with that one.last.bottle that we couldn't imagine HOW we were going to get rid of.  Yogi LOVES that bottle.  It's the very first thing that happens in the morning after the diaper change.  How did we do it?  My wife just hurried him downstairs one morning and went straight for breakfast.  She made a big deal of putting a bunch of his favorite fruit (at the moment - blueberries) in the porridge and by the time he was busy eating he accepted her offer of milk from the sippy without the more typical pushing away while chanting "na, na. na".  The next morning we did it again and on and on and on.  There has been a little whining on some mornings, but we're making it.  I am thrilled to enter 2012 with bottles tucked away in the attic awaiting Monkey.

Eating from a plate.  We have tried introducing a plate before, but until this break it was an epic fail.  Yogi didn't seem to understand that the plate was anything but something to play with.  I'm not sure what clicked, but this time when we put his food on the plate he understood that he should eat from it.  Eureka!  Now the little guy eats with his chair pushed up to the table from his very own plate.


Isn't it WONDERFUL when they start turning into actual people?! :) I still get amazed when I see Curly drinking from a lidless cup, eating with a fork off of a ceramic plate, and saying 'please' and 'thank you.' Whoa.

What a big boy! Congratulations on the progress.

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