Thursday, February 16, 2012

At the Carwash

A few weeks back I discovered something wonderful.  Yogi LOVES the car wash!  He has accompanied me on every trip I’ve made to this place since he was born, but on our last visit something clicked. 
Hey, there are CARS here!  Everywhere you look!  CARS!!!!
This is one of those big places where you get out of your car and they vacuum it, drive it through the swishy washing part and you get back in it on the other side.  There are always lots of other cars here and you have to wait a bit, but the prices are reasonable and they do a good job.  
Yogi’s excitement started the moment I got him out of his carseat.  The pointer finger sprang into action and he was immediately pointing at every single car he could see shouting Car! (which sounds like Cah - kind of a Boston feel) at the top of his voice.  It’s a good thing we were outside most of the time.
When I finally agreed to put him down so that he could walk, he was going full tilt.  Pointing and shouting like he had never seen anything so wonderful.  The place was crowded which gave him the opportunity to point out cars to all sorts of people.  He ran around like a wild man with a look on his face that seemed to say:
Can you believe this?  There are cars everywhere and I’m not going to let you miss even one.  
Luckily, the other customers seemed to enjoy his excitement and so I let him roam (pretty much) free.  There was one guy who looked about my age who seemed to find him particularly entertaining and so I said something to him like, I guess seeing all these cars is pretty exciting.  He responded with You know, I STILL feel the very same way.
It was such a sweet moment.  This is another reason why having kids is such an enriching experience.  Kids are so genuinely themselves that they remind us what it is to be entirely open to each moment.  Sometimes when we’re lucky enough to be looking at just the right angle, we can see in them, a little bit of ourselves.


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