Monday, February 27, 2012


In addition to all the rest of his chattering, Yogi now announces his own bowel movements.
I’m not kidding.
Is this normal?  Now instead of just pausing for a moment and making the potty face, he says “Dia-pa, Dia-pa”.  I’m thinking this is a step forward in the potty training readiness department, right?  Isn’t demonstrating awareness that you know what’s going on with your body one of the signs?  
So.... what now?  He’s 18 months old.  Do we start talking about the potty?  Is it too soon?


Awesome- totally the right time. We found that having a small potty he could sit on was great when starting out...and potty books he could read helped as well. Good luck!

In our case HP started telling us a long time ago but only now (at 34 months) is he really interested. We've had potties around since he was 1- cant hurt!

No potty talk over here, but we do take great joy in watching her put her hands on her butt and say toot toot every time it happens.

Google "signs of readiness" and you'll find plenty of checklists like this:

My guys were getting very curious about the potty at 18 months and we got the Baby Bjorn potty. They also would always want to watch me go, give me TP, check out my poo and of course, flush.
It's all fine in my house for this stuff but others are no so open in sharing their bodily functions;)
They do use the potties and have for many months, so no--I don't think it's too early to casually, no-pressure, introduce it.

We are going to do a 3 Day Naked Potty Training Boot Camp next month. I don't know if they are ready, but I think they might be.

Thanks for the ideas guys! I think we'll be potty shopping this weekend. I agree that it can't hurt to start the conversation.

oh, exciting! :)

the things mommies get excited about...

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